Hi, welcome to my home site

Joël Séguillon

Experienced dev&ops guy

Giving the best of my experience to help companies to shift and operate their services with the help of Kubernetes, automation systems and a mix of coaching and devops culture.

About Me

20 years in IT: from java dev to lead java/php/spa, from writing specs to managing projects, from installing postfix to deploying on premises Kubernetes. I now help people to leverage and demistify modern techologies.

Most loved:
  • Kubernetes
  • Gitlab
  • Ansible
  • Kubevirt
  • Python
  • Kubernetes :)

Recent projects

SRE - Siradel
Transforming legacy docker-compose to k8s. WIP
Devops - IdNow
Ansible and gitlab to CD both on prem k8s-cluster and other infra stuffs but also apps
Kubernetes and Ansible expert - Ateme
Customisation of kubespray to deploy full offline Kubernetes clusters, deployed on customers sites, for broadcasting and converting videos. Up to 70 machines with tons of CPUs, SR-IOV networks and specfic GPU hardware !
Service: 17 years of growing up - Niji
When I entered Niji, it was company of 18. When I left it we were more than 800. Dev, lead, tests, automations, ops, project management, software factory creator an maintainer… An amazing experience💙

Get in Touch

My inbox is always open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I’ll try my best to get back to you!